Coffee: Africa
Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kochere Teklu Dembel

This lot was prepared to Grade 1 standards, and comes from the Teklu Dembel washing station. This is located near Ch’elelek’tu town in the Kochere Woreda of Yirga Cheffe. The altitude ranges from 1800 to 2000 meters, with approximately 600 small holder farmers contributing [...]

5lb - $55.00:
12oz - $15.00:
Ethiopia Wet Process Gera Jimma

This is a sweet, bright, clean and refined Ethiopia cup. The dry fragrance has mild fruited hints, apple and peach pastry, with hazelnuts and honey. The cup is juicy and sweet with a red currant fruit, that can also lean toward darker plum and black tea notes. There’s a bracing brightness, and a very wellstructured character overall

5lb - $50.00:
12oz - $14.00:
Six Pack

You Pick! Six 12oz bags of coffee, for just $50. (that’s just $11.11/lb)
Coffee keeps quite well when frozen, however, you MUST thaw before opening, otherwise condensation will spoil your preservation efforts. We recommend taking a week’s worth (~one 12oz bag) out at a time to avoid freeze/thaw condensation accumulation.